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I haven't had any massive weight loss - just getting generally flabby with age. Am I still a good candidate for Upper Arm and Thigh Lifts? How long will results of the surgery last?
Loose skin on arms, thighs or abdomen can be addressed by surgical excision to improve contour.

Large weight fluctuations have the greatest negative impact on the lasting success of the procedures, whether brachioplasty (upper arm surgery), thigh lifts, or abdominoplasty, and circumferential torsoplasty for the abdomen and torso.

Maintaining a stable weight and exercise program will prolong the duration of the result.

What is the cost of the different procedures?
Cost not only varies with each different procedure but with each unique case. Please call our office 738.7200 or toll-free 800.801.3101, for an appointment or current fee schedule.

Following your initial consultation Dr. Kiesnowski will provide a quotation to cover your specific requirements.
Can you tell me, in general terms, the recovery or healing time for the different procedures?
Healing is dependent upon each individual's system as well as their dedication to follow up therapy and required medication. However with most plastic surgery, the individual will show bruising for 2-3 weeks after the procedure. Sutures will have been removed after the first week to ten days. While the complete healing process may take several months, there are generally no obvious signs of surgery after 5-6 weeks following the procedure.
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