Vein Therapy
Injection sclerotherapy is often covered by insurance when done for the relief of symptomatic varicose veins when conservative therapy has failed. Documentation of failed therapy must be submitted to insurance carriers in order for them to consider injection sclerotherapy as an option for treatment of problematic veins.

Conservative therapy includes extended wear of Jobst ® compression stockings over a period of time on a consistent basis with little or no relief of symptoms.

If Dr. Kiesnowski feels that you are a candidate for insurance based injection sclerotherapy he will submit your documentation, including photographs, to your insurance company for consideration of benefits.

If Doctor feels that your veins are primarily cosmetic, he will discuss your options with you regarding treatment and you may ask for a quote on cosmetic services for spider vein treatment.

Treatment sessions generally take 15-30 minutes and will require the use of Jobst® compression stockings afterward. The Doctor performs all of the injections himself and will see patients on a regular basis for follow up and additional sessions if needed.
For additional information link to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.
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