At this time, we offer four lines of skin care products: Colorescience, Obagi®, Revision Skincare and Gly Derm®.

Colorescience is more than a color cosmetic: it is color treatment for the skin. The ingredients in every product provide skin benefits and are present in percentages to foster those benefits. Therefore Colorescience is a continuation of good skin care.This is in direct contradiction to traditional makeup, often known to exacerbate skin problems.

Colorescience products do not cause skin problems. They contain no oils, perfumes, talcs, dyes or alcohols. All formulas are original and are unique to Colorescience.


The Obagi system is a multi step system designed to work specifically for people who have issues concerning hyperpigmentation of the face due to sun damage and for people who are considering facelift surgery, chemical peels, or laser treatment.


This system combines the effectiveness of a number of prescription only products to achieve overall better skin health and elasticity. The Obagi system can also be used in preparation for a “blue peel” which is a skin renewal procedure which is performed only by Dr. Kiesnowski who has extensive training and experience with this procedure.


For more information on chemical peels click here.


Revision Skincare
Since 1984, Revision Skincare has made the highest quality products with one overriding purpose: to solve a patient’s skincare problems. Based on the principal that cosmeceuticals must provide a targeted solution, their formulas are designed to correct each skincare condition through multiple pathways. They use only the purest, premium quality ingredients in their products and sell them exclusively through physicians in over 10 countries. The crown jewel of Revision Skincare is their world-renowned staff of chemists who have developed many breakthrough formulas that combat acne, aging skin and other complex dermatological conditions…highly effective products like Teamine®, Intellishade®, Sebrx™ and their Advanced Skincare Line. Every day, scientific advances in skincare are made at Revision’s Dallas, Texas facility, where they test, manufacture and distribute their own clinically-proven, high-performing products.

Gly Derm

Our Gly Derm line is a moderately priced system designed to maintain skin health and promote a more youthful appearance. This is a 3 step system with optional products such as eye cream, acne stick and sunscreen. This product is available exclusively in our office and consists of a cleanser, glycolic acid solution or lotion, and moisturizer. Used morning and evening your skin will begin to have a smoother texture and appearance within one week.


For more information on either of these skin care systems, please contact the office to schedule an appointment for a skin care consultation with Dr. Kiesnowski and see the Products section of this website.


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